05 / 10 / 2018 Freitag // Konser
Chris Imler \"Maschinen und Tiere\" Record Release Party

5.Oktober 2018 // Einlass: 21.00Uhr - start: 22.00Uhr

Chris Imler "Maschinen und Tiere" Record Release Party

Chris Imler- (Staatsakt)
Novo Line - (Ecstatic Recordings) aka Nat Fowler

Patric Catani -DJ (Shitkatapult / Staatsakt)
Ondula -Dj (Sameheads)
Oscar der Winzige-DJ (Sameheads/Braille Satellite)

in co-op mit Future Sailor Concerts

No, it is not that the phenomenon of Chris Imler would have remained completely unamazed in the German-speaking world.
His debut album "Nervös", for example, was regarded as "one of the most exciting records of the year" by the Austrian Der
Standard, the Berlin city magazine zitty cited it as "Berlin Record of the Year". Musikexpress also noticed that "really weird, great pop music" took place here. But the prophet only experiences cult worship abroad, in Imler’s case especially in France and Italy. Imler is a regular star at the annual closing party at Centre Dramatique, one of the most important theatres in Paris. At Palazzo Grassi inVenice he recently had the pleasure to outplay Laibach and Matthew Herbert. You also have to look abroad for contemporary referencs, preferably in England. Although artists like Dean Blunt, Micachu and The Shapes or the Sleaford Mods resemble Imler little in their immediate sound, he shares with them an attitude to punk that "preserves fire rather than worship ashes" (G.Mahler).

NOVO LINE is the output of musician and music executive producer Nat Fowler, misusing archaic tech and ancient frequencies Besides encouraging people to buy vinyl, Fowler’s approach as an artist plays with the intersection between digital and analog sound, from his choice to use “archaic” computer algorithms when sketching out ideas, to working exclusively with older production equipment.


Nein, es ist nicht so, dass das Phänomen Chris Imler in der deutschsprachigen Welt ganz unbestaunt geblieben wäre. Sein Debut-Album „Nervös“ galt beispielsweise dem österreichischen Standard als „eine der spannendsten Platten des Jahres“, dem Berliner Stadtmagazin Zitty als „Berliner Platte des Jahres“. Auch dem Musikexpress entging nicht, dass hier „arg schräge, großartige Popmusik“ stattfand. Kultische Verehrung erfährt der Prophet aber nur im Ausland, vor allem in Frankreich und Italien. So ist Imler Stammstar auf der jährlichen Spielzeitabschlussparty im Centre Dramatique, dem [oder einem der...] wichtigsten Theater von Paris, im venezianischen Palazzo Grassi hatte er unlängst die Ehre, Laibach und Matthew Herbert an die Wand zu spielen.