17 / 10 / 2018 Mittwoch // Konser
The EX (Netherlands) + Moon Relay

Doors: 20.00, Show: 21.00
Presented by Arkaoda and Palais Wittgenstein
Supported by Musicboard Berlin

The Ex are an underground band from the Netherlands that formed in 1979 at the height of the original punk explosion. Initially known as an anarcho-punk band, they have since released over 20 full-length albums of musical experiments and numerous collaborations blending punk and free jazz with styles of folk music from all over the world.

Moon Relay is an Oslo-based noise-rock group consisting of Daniel Meyer Grønvold, Håvard Volden, Ola Høyer and Christian Næss.
Drawing on the fractured funk and machine-aesthetic of late Seventies/early Eighties post-punk and No Wave bands, plus the motorik-meets-electro rhythms of ‘Planet Rock'-style hip-hop, the third full album by Oslo-based experimental rock quartet Moon Relay combines pin-sharp, real-time musicianship with a powerful conceptual punch. It’s a world where buzz-saw guitars mesh with disco handclaps on a series of hypnotically immersive instrumental grooves intersected by avant-garde collages of found sound and studio doodles.
The 12th of october 2018 will see the release of their 3rd album “IMI” on Hubro.