18 / 11 / 2018 Sonntag // Konser
Backroom Story with A.K. Klosowski

A. K. Klosowski
(Bureau B, Gargarin, Ata Tak)

Frans Ambient
(Kashual Plastik)

(Silhouette Tapes)

Long before digital sampling was affordable for everyone, A.K.Klosowski invented his Kassetteninstrument, a custom-made music apparatus consisting of eight SONY-Walkmen combined with a mute/demute mechanism. The outputs of the instrument could be controlled both by hand and by an automatic trigger module. In addition, a drum computer and some effect machines were fed into the circuit. This technique allowed for very intuitive and simultaneous control over the analogue tape sources

Frans Ambient & VeselOFF performing a special tape set.