01 / 12 / 2018 Samstag // Konser
Easterndaze x Berlin: Care of Editions x Muscut

Adam Asnan (live) — record release
ST/NE (live) - record release
Flaty (ГОСТ ЗВУК/ aka Wrong Water / AEM Rhythm Cascade, live)
Chillera (live)
Bryozone (live)
Mlin Patz (live)
Mike Kitcher
Who Cares

arkaoda Berlin, 16-18 Karl-Marx-Platz
20:00. 8€

Founded in 2013, Care Of Editions produces concerts, festivals, and recordings that bring together the worlds of popular and experimental music. In addition to producing music, Care Of Editions develops new and creative ways of distributing this music online.

Muscut (Ukrainian: Мускáт, pronounced [Muskát], is a traditional early soviet syllabic abbreviation of the words “Music” and “Cutting”) is an international label founded by Dmytro Nikolaienko in 2012, that releases experimental, hauntology and library music.

The concert & film screening series Easterndaze × Berlin: DIY Music Topographies brings together music collectives from Eastern Europe and pairs each of them with groups from Berlin’s diverse DIY scenes in the name of collective spirit and communal effort. Collectives featured include Intruder Alert (Warsaw), Muscut (Kiev), Exiles & T+U (Budapest), Care of Editions (Berlin), Room 4 Resistance (Berlin), Total Black (Berlin), as well as an A/V Performance by Christoph De Babalon (Berlin) and WIDT (Warsaw). The music events occur November 28-Dec 1 (various locations) and the accompanying film program will be presented at Soundwatch Berlin Music Film Festival Nov 7-16 at Lichtblick-Kino.

Design: Jan Horčík / Heavyweight

Easterndaze × Berlin is funded by Musicboard Berlin.