12 / 02 / 2019 Dienstag // Konser
Kartago: Khana Bierbood / คณะเบียร์บูด / Ben Pfau / Canyon Spree

For Kartago #4 all the way from Thailand, playing their first European tour, we are very happy to present Khana Bierbood / คณะเบียร์บูด playing in arkaoda Berlin with our local heroines Canyon Spree and illustrated by Benjamin Pfau's Bangkok photo series "Isthmus".
Their album "Strangers from the Far East" was produced by Go Kurosawa from Kikagaku Moyo and will drop in January 2019.
No better way to forget about Berlin winter than listening to the sunny beach-sound of Thailands hottest psychedelic export.


Canyon Spree you might have heard howling in Berlin before. These girls will drag you into a trippy sun bursted road movie through the new world.


Kartago also cordially invites you to a special photography exhibition by Benjamin Pfau!

Isthmus - A Diary

“But it's just because the chances are all against you, just because there is so little hope, that life is sweet over here. Day by day. No yesterdays and no tomorrows.”
- Henry Miller in Tropic of Cancer

Hope is never permanent. It comes and goes, and it often turns. The hope of our youth becomes the despair of old age. Yet, we cling to it. It is an addiction and it is the excuse that makes us go on with life. But what if we free ourselves from this ever-recurring urge? The photographs in this body of work all circle around this idea. Shot in Bangkok over the course of two years, the series documents a group of social outcasts and fortune-seekers in the Thai capital. Benjamin Pfau is a German photographer based in Berlin and Bangkok. He is currently in the process of producing his first photobook.


This night will give you a damage of 10€.
(Access to the Exhibition is free of charge!)