20 / 03 / 2019 Mittwoch // Konser
C U R A D O R I A #7 w/ Ramonzin (Hip- Hop Party)

We are very happy to welcome Ramonzin who will be LIVE for the first time in Europe!
Party afterwards! Downstairs.
Ramonzin sounds > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r82i4_3mGI

See you at arkaoda Berlin!

Ramonzin Release

Born in the suburbs in the best days", Carlos Ramon de Souza Procópio comes from Morro do Juramento - RJ and represents one of the greatest talents of the current alternative scene.
He began participating in Freestyle groups in 1999. In 2004, he consolidated his vocation by winning the Super Desafio Six (championship with the highest award of the battles of MCs in Brazil at that time).
In 2010 he promoted his solo work with the single "Se ela soubesse ..." (“If She Only Knew”), which had a strong repercussion throughout Brazil with more than 3 million streams and media buzz. From 2012 to 2013 he released a sequence of singles that conquered the public; highlight for the single "The BPM of MPB". This track had the authorization of the great Chico Buarque for the song "Samba e amor".
Besides being an MC, he also plays the trumpet, and collects his skills with improvisations and instrumental arrangements, as well as producing his own beats.
In 2014 he released the highly anticipated first solo album, "Circo dos motivos" (“Circus of Motives”). In 2017, he released the EP Made in Madureira, a work that marks the maturation of the artist, and all his versatility in a trip through the suburbs. Exploring the rhythms of the suburbs, Ramonzin presents his musical plurality with elegance and essentially contestatory acidity.
In 2018, invited by Red Bull Music, he participated in Pulse, a project of musical creation along with other talents from the Brazilian alternative scene, praised by all the project’s curators.
Ramonzin believes his sound goes beyond rap. Just music, without labels or stereotypes. Music that naturally expresses his art and proposes to reflect on the transmitted content. His rhetoric of tradition with avant-garde essence, anticipitates the horizons of a new musical construction. A fine and conceptual rap, but with an indisputable popular feel.