14 / 07 / 2019 Sonntag // Konser
La grande saxophonie : Ariel Garcia et Laurent Bruttin

For this 14 of July - Laurent Bruttin and Ariel Garcia (member of Jean-Luc, resident band of arkaoda), this two swiss musicians will offer a performance of more than 3 hours of switched down music, where clarinet, cornet, modulars and more are basically melting together.

This concert will find place in the upstairs.

Bio Text -

Laurent Bruttin and Ariel Garcia have been playing together in different contexts, bands and ensembles for more than 20 years, mainly in Switzerland (notably as members of the Lausanne based Association Rue du Nord). For quite some years now, both of them have been living in Berlin, have shared a studio in Wedding and have been making music in the duo format, sometimes under the moniker LA GRANDE SAXOPHONIE, even though none of them plays the instrument invented by Adolf Sax. Their music, in which acoustic instruments (clarinets, pocket trumpet, zither, guitar, banjo, etc.) meet electronic gear and modular synths, is often improvised or contains improvised parts and has a clear tendency towards the long form and streched trippy moods, be it in the concert context or while collaborating with the performer Anne Rochat (cf. the 24 hour performance TOPO, or the 4 hour video of the performance HIC & NUNC