20 / 10 / 2019 Sonntag // Konser
Kinship Presents: Anæsthesian Sun #5

Kinship Presents: Anæsthesian Sun #5

nkls (live / tape release)
In a place where the future is over, liquid diamonds of the earth form textural tears. They run into a rhythmic scenario of tactile syllables and get buried before words arrive. Uncharted myths you would call ‘a sound’. When this movement is initiated, in a short glimpse, drunken angels will witness a bright palette of colored light, which is hidden within themselves, in every moment of the eternal now.


feldermelder (live)
“the lost art of keeping a secret”.

broke witches (dj set)

high position (dj set)

original tradition (dj set)
quite down to earth duo seeking to collage patchwork set of sound images for you and us.


- -
this is going to be an evening rave.
save the date and stay tuned