14 / 11 / 2019 Donnerstag // Konser
● 2 - LIVEShow/Recording/w/The Recalls/Rising Dao

Come and join us for the second edition of our live shows and recording sessions at Arkaoda Neukölln.
Our second session features two Berlin-based bands: a solid foundation of Garage & Psych from THE RECALLS (BLN/STR) who have just released a new record - “Feedback” and the Progressive Psychedelia of RISING DAO (BLN)

The Recalls:
We were born. By our mothers.
We bought ourselves some instruments.Then we taught ourselves how to play them.
Now we play music loud and live.
People enjoy it.

From those four Chilean musicians you can expect an addictive and impressive collection of psy-garage-pop themes with touches of krautrock.
FB: https://www.facebook.com/TheRecalls/

Rising Dao met for the first time in their mountain top dojo to make awesome psychedelic rock. Due to the rising cost of the rent due to mountain top gentrification they have had to move into a practise room in Berlin. Using the teachings of Dao and ancient musical martial arts they make funky progressive heavy rock in the hope that their rock will bring peace to all and help them to one day return to their sacred dojo. Comprised of five members they use the fire of Berlin, water from the Spree, earth from the parks, wood from the forests and the metal of their resolve to make their own Dao, their rising Dao.
FB: https://www.facebook.com/RisingDao/
BC: https://risingdao.bandcamp.com/
HP: www.risingdao.de

& the after-party with our own Asja Lacis, Tom Sky (BLACK PEARL RECORDS) and the members of The Recalls all spinning records.