21 / 02 / 2020 Freitag
Gelee Royale invites Hade (OYE/Callshop Radio)

Honey, you deserve the best.

Gelée Royale invites their favourite Djs to pollinate the deepest flowers of your mind - no fruit too bitter, no honey too sweet.

Our guest of honour this time around is Hade, a DJ and producer based in Cologne, Germany. He’s the brains behind the all-German edits on OYE Records, club nights TIME TO: and Palms at Gewölbe, as well as the host of the excellent Finds with Friends on Callshop Radio.

As a DJ and collector, Hade is fueled by a real passion for digging up German synth oddities, all things wave, dub and disco, under-the-radar raps, house and Afro-Caribbean curveballs.


Warming things up are local sweethearts, cat parents and diggers of the weird and wonderful, Laurel and Thom.


Keeping things fabulous in the lounge are Berlin based female Dj duo, Witchwatching.


Closing out the night are residents and local kitchen whisperers/kebab aficionados, Booran and Slippery Crisps back-to-back, to the bittersweet end.


Like a hive feeding its queen, Gelée Royale wants to give you just the best, for your life.


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Artwork by Brodie Kaman

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