18 / 09 / 2021 Samstag // Konser
Listening Session w/ Zoya Z. live, Perila, Exael

Zoya Z. Live
Zoya Zerkalski a ukrainian sound artist based in berlin, with musical roots in moscow. Experimental process is the method of her work , using various acoustic instruments and objects in unconventional ways, processed and layered over a carpet of prepared synthesis. For that night she performs an enclosure , a time-site-specific act by means of sound, measuring the physicality of a space- inner and outer capacities of which are challenged by margins.
Perila is a St. Petersburg-born, Berlin-based sound and visual artist, DJ and performer exploring sensitive borderlines and depths of subtle matter.
She is a co-founder of radio.syg.ma, WET boss and engaged in several other music projects such as Aseptic Stir.
Her music is dense narratives drifting through a rich sound palette submerging a listener into a pretty personal trip. Constantly shifting moods and textures Perila creates comfort space for emotions to float, merge, evaporate and ride in a deep context. Her practice is aimed to challenge and overcome boundaries and share this expansion with the Other.
Under their Exael moniker, Berlin-based producer/DJ Naemi focuses heavily on juxtaposition and genre reconfiguration. The project aims to create a melted re-assemblage of both electroacoustic and club-adjacent timbral sensibilities; a tonal soup in varying degrees and shades of groove.
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