23 / 09 / 2022 Freitag // Konser
Almost Exotic: Cosey Müller LIVE + Karpov Not Kasparov LIVE + Katzele + Captain Of None

After a little break, Katzele’s Almost Exotic Night is back in arkaoda.
One can expect as always cross-genre live shows, whimsical track selections and maybe, maybe, even a little boogie.

On live duties:

Cosey Müller:
A musician living and working in Berlin, part of synth-punk duo DAS DAS.
Her music is of the non-compromising type. (post)punky at times, minimalistic in others, her vocals, laid on top of drum machines, guitars and FX constantly echoes NDW and the synth wave history.
She writes, produces and performs her music all on her own, just the way we love it.
Her last tape Interior Spaces -

Karpov Not Kasparov:
The Carpetian duo, mixing old and new, east and west, balkan and occidental (or In their words - A game of action and reaction between drums and synthesizers) are back in Arkaoda with a new live.

Before and in-between, connecting the dots and prepping the vibes, the maestra of Weserstr. Ecke Wildenbruchstr. Herself - Captain Of None.

Wrapping up the shenanigan with an unexpected selection, Katzele.

This event was made possible with funding by NEUSTART KULTUR
// www.initiative-musik.de
// www.kulturstaatsministerin.de