27 / 09 / 2022 Dienstag // Konser
Absurd Lustre: Ulla Straus (live)

// Line up
Ulla Straus (live)
Sa Pa

A most blissful sound artist artist with a raft of dreamy, enchanted and atmospheric floaters for lables like Experiences Ltd, Boomkat Editions and Motion Ward - Ulla Straus is too celebrated for her collaborations with Perila and Pontiac Streator via the likes of West Mineral Ltd. and her own silence box label.

Absurd Lustre is delighted to present a immersive live set from the Philadelphia-based artist with Sa Pa in support.



Absurd Lustre is the search for a trans-dimensional exotica where deeper listening, sound poetry and genre experimentation can take place.

Blending a cocktail effect of environmental sound art, non-music and freeform rhythms - ambient storytelling, dub and percussive inspirations help transport the listener into a nebulous realm of spatio-temporal immersion.

Exploring notions of clubbing modernity, ephemeral landscapes and the sonic phenomena of field recordings, Absurd Lustre is a place to sink, swim and hide in the atmospheric delights of a world unknown.

https://absurdlustre.com // https://ra.co/events/1578091