10 / 11 / 2022 Donnerstag // Konser
Black Truffle Fest pt.3 // Oren Ambarchi presents Hubris + Francis Plagne + Bellows

OREN AMBARCHI presents HUBRIS (Australia)
This will be the second time that Ambarchi and a large group of close friends and collaborators will get together to translate the intricately studio-constructed layers of his 2016 Editions Mego release Hubris into a muscular live band workout.
The original release was continuation of the exploration of relentless, driving rhythms heard on Ambarchi's Sagittarian Domain and Quixotism. Where those records looked to krautrock and techno for their starting points, the side-long opening track on Hubris begins from the perhaps unlikely inspirations of disco and new wave, drawing particularly from Ambarchi's love of Wang Chung's soundtrack to William Friedkin's To Live and Die in L.A. (1985). Leaving behind the song-forms of these reference points, Ambarchi weaves a sustained and pulsating web of layered palm-muted guitars from which individual voices rise up and recede, pushing the piece into a satisfying intersection of shimmering minimalism and rhythmic drive that smoothly builds up until the percussive release in its final section. Part 3 featured electronic rhythms from Ricardo Villalobos and the twin drums of Joe Talia and Will Guthrie, the layered guitars of the first piece are transformed into a raw and tumbling fusion-funk groove that calls to mind early Weather Report or even the first Golden Palominos LP (1983). As this stellar rhythm section rides a single repeated chord change into oblivion, a series of spectacular events emerge in the foreground: first, aleatoric synthesizer burbles from Keith Fullerton Whitman, then slashing skronk guitar from Arto Lindsay, until finally Ambarchi's own fuzzed-out guitar harmonics take center stage as the piece builds to an ecstatic frenzy.
Oren Ambarchi - guitar
Konrad Sprenger - the ringmaster
Eiko Ishibashi - flute, electronics
Sam Dunscombe - bass clarinet
*(possibly)* Mats Gustafsson - baritone sax
Francis Plagne - guitar
Phillip Sollmann - guitar
Fredrik Rasten - guitar
Marcus Pal - guitar
Mike Majkowski - bass
Will Guthrie - drums
Tony Buck - drums
crys cole - "stop"

Francis Plagne is a musician from Melbourne, Australia whose work swings between songwriting and a variety of other approaches, including group improvisation, instrumental abstraction, and domestic musique concrète. He performed live regularly since 2005 and has released recordings on labels such as Black Truffle, Horn of Plenty, Kye Records, Penultimate Press and his own Mould/Mouse Museum micro-label. In addition to performing his own work either solo or with a band, he has performed and recorded in improvised and other arrangements with Tetuzi Akiyama, Oren Ambarchi, Andrew Chalk, Crys Cole, James Rushford, and Joe Talia, among others. Since 2011, he has occasionally convened variably sized ensembles to perform scores by composers such as Manfred Werder, Christian Wolff and Toshi Ichiyanagi. Some collaborative projects, present and past, include Food Court, The Inevitable Orbit, and the ocarina ensemble Waste Drink.

Formed in 2006 Bellows is the collaborative project by Italian electro-acoustic composers Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti. Continuously drawing a hypnotic maze with albums on Black Truffle, Boomkat Editions, Entr’acte, Shelter Press, Latency and Ielasi’s own cult Senufo Editions, Bellows offers a unique and ever changing experience. Convoking a complex sound palette between acousmatic sound and fractal beats, ghostly melodies and analogue electronics, Bellows live is completely improvised music taking off from their approach to recording, radical and uncompromising in its choices but welcoming and often warm in its output.

This event was made possible with funding by NEUSTART KULTUR
// www.initiative-musik.de
// www.kulturstaatsministerin.de