25 / 11 / 2022 Freitag // Konser
Antinote x arkaoda: Zaltan + Bella DJ + River Yarra

“X, Ten Years of Loving Notes and Fooling Around”

Anyone who’s ever sunk their teeth into one of Vandewalle’s absurdly eclectic NTS shows, seen him rearrange a club, or delved headfirst into the bulging back catalogue of the Antinote imprint he runs out of Paris’ 10th arrondissement won’t be surprised to discover that the Frenchman’s passion for music borders on the obsessive.
Better known as Zaltan, Vandewalle’s ear for the weird and the wonderful has seen him edge himself into the consciousness of more discerning dancers out there, and in an age where everyone and their pet axolotl is desperate to be seen as a genre-defying selector, coming across a DJ as genuinely fearless as Vandewalle is more important than ever.
In a Zaltan set, tropically-infused balearic chuggers run into weather-worn digi-dub deep cuts; avant-hard soundscapes drift in and out of bargain basement 80s boogie-not-boogie; dreamy acid house barges into clatteringly lo-fi minimal wave material that sounds like it’s been beamed straight out of a Soviet numbers station. Songs that shouldn’t, and in the hands of lesser DJs couldn’t, work together become perfect bedfellows.
In the last years Zaltan’s made the transition from Parisian DJ – he’s been playing regularly for just over 15 years – to the kind of selector who has shows on NTS and plays at Dekmantel.

Bella DJ:
Bella has gained a reputation for genre-hopping and providing dance floors with a fusion of balearic, progressive house, organic world music, and oddball digs from her well-curated collection that seems to traverse all inhabited continents.

River Yarra:
River Yarra is the moniker of Raudie McLeod, a producer and DJ who spawned upstream from Melbourne’s Yarra River in a quiet, leafy suburb. Rooted in rhythm and experimentation developed in his classical percussion studies, his dance music output slides across an entrancing range of tempos and styles.
River Yarra breathes deeply into his slowly-expanding-balloon of naïvely elegant productions with deadly serious humour and a mature, playful spirit. Channeling influences from across the musical spectrum and twisting them into a distinct sonic aesthetic, the only limitation is that there might not be one.

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