06 / 12 / 2022 Dienstag // Konser
Absurd Lustre: John T. Gast

Absurd Lustre presents:
John T. Gast
Sa Pa

Stonehouses, 5 gate temples and mysterio lustre for the absurd.
arkaoda Berlin

// https://ra.co/events/1607826

Absurd Lustre is the search for a trans-dimensional exotica where deeper listening, sound poetry and genre experimentation can take place.

Blending a cocktail effect of environmental sound art, non-music and freeform rhythms - ambient storytelling, dub and percussive inspirations help transport the listener into a nebulous realm of spatio-temporal immersion.

Exploring notions of clubbing modernity, ephemeral landscapes and the sonic phenomena of field recordings, Absurd Lustre is a place to sink, swim and hide in the atmospheric delights of a world unknown.


This event was made possible with funding by NEUSTART KULTUR
// www.initiative-musik.de
// www.kulturstaatsministerin.de