27 / 01 / 2023 Freitag // Konser
Lapsus Takeover: Special Guest DJ + Phran + Lucient

Barcelona collective Lapsus arrives arkaoda to offer a night only with artists from their roster including Special Guest DJ, Phran and Lucient.

S͟P͟E͟C͟I͟A͟L͟ ͟G͟U͟E͟S͟T͟ ͟D͟J͟
Special Guest DJ thiccbient high fidelity 3XL cowboy, drum ’n’ bass, cyberdub, outer rim, dissonance and resonance.
headbangers ball
lucky lotto
spin cycle
dance tutorial
vague music
fka uon, aka DJ paradise, as xphresh w/ Ben Bondy, hoodie w/ Naemi, sofa w/ Ulla. Part of cypher & thru on Appendix.Files, Critical Amnesia & Ghostride The Drift on xpq? Released on Motion Ward, West Mineral Ltd., and Lillerne Tapes.

Phran is a DJ and producer from Caracas, Venezuela, residing in Barcelona, Spain. The Berlin label Klasse Wrecks has released three of his EPs, ‘Bad Format’, ‘3000 Modes’ and ‘Grit’, representing his raw, rave-influenced electro side. He also has a project called Dos Ritmos with Luca Lozano, with whom he recently published the ‘Materia’ EP, a 5 track follow up to their first EP ‘Antropophony’, both on Klasse Wrecks. The Australian label Best Effort released his EP ‘Latent Effect’, and in 2022 his ‘Bore Bore’ debut album on cassette and digital formats is coming out soon on US label Silvox Recordings.
He is the founder of the project Vimana, which encompasses a zine, a Dublab.es radio show, and a party that has taken place in Barcelona and Berlin, with guests such as Fiedel (MMM) and Dj Python. Alongside Ylia he has a project called People You May Know. Their debut record ‘One Hand Clap’ was released in 2018 on the Madrid label Hooded Records. The project has toured with Niño de Elche, with whom they reinterpret pieces that combine electronic dance music with flamenco. Additionally, he has worked with Ivy Barkakati on another project called IVAN. They have released music on Rhythm Control Barcelona and Best Effort.
His alias Dj Phidias explores another side of his musical world, influenced by Afro-Latin music. With Sano (Cómeme, Public Possession) he has the project Latino Body, which is the name of their sporadic parties and a radio show on Radio Primavera Sound. With DJ Qrichi from Eck Echo Berlin, he runs a latin infused cassette label called Elefandes, featuring artists like Quixosis and Coco María.

For a number of years Mario G. Quelart has been showcasing his skills and talent at key clubs and festivals throughout Spain under the name Lucient, or as part of the C.E.E. Shepherds duo, with his musical accomplice Albert Salinas (aka Wooky).
Lucient is part of the Lapsus family, as well as resident DJ for the LAUT club in Barcelona, where he has built a reputation for his marathon 12-hour non-stop sessions, in which he ably demonstrates his vast knowledge of dance music from all eras and his expertise and craft behind the decks. Mario also directs and presents the Synesthésiques programme on local radio station Dublab.es. His debut album 'Sa Casa des Carbó' was released in 2022 on Lapsus Records and has been selected as one of the best albums of 2022 on several lists, such as Phonica Records.