17 / 02 / 2019 Sonntag // Konser
Advance Base

Advance Base (Chicago, Run for cover/ Orindal Records)

„Advance Base is the lo-fi electronic solo project of Owen Ashworth. He's a master of tones and textures; wielding an arsenal of Rhodes, Omni Chord, auto harp and drum machines to flesh out his confessional ballads. Ashworth pav •••

20 / 02 / 2019 Mittwoch // Konser
Curadoria #6 w/ Afro- Brazilian Percussion

C U R A D O R I A #6

Time for Carnaval!

DJ Hp76 and Coco Maria are very happy to host João Afojubá and his Afro Brazilian Percussion band for a festive evening of pre- Carnaval sensations filled with dance, live music and records.

21 / 02 / 2019 Donnerstag // Konser
Conrad Schnitzler vs. Pyrolator / Schneider TM / Andreas Reihse

Einlass: 20.00Uhr - Beginn: 21.00Uhr

Con-Struct LIVE

an audiovisual concert based
on sounds & films by Conrad Schnitzler

played by: Pyrolator / Schneider TM / Andreas Reihse

+ DJ Plankton

Conrad Schnitzler (1937–20 •••

23 / 02 / 2019 Samstag // Konser
Get Together

Join us on February 23rd at the arkaoda in Neukölln for our first edition of our event series: Get Together. It will be a sensational night full of music, performances and art with the goal to bring an art focused, musically eclectic and warm atmosphere to the Berlin club scene.

Star •••

27 / 02 / 2019 Mittwoch // Konser
Violent quand on aime (Knekelhuis) & DRUSH

We are really glad to present :

lives :

Violent quand on aime (Knekelhuis / Paris) - 90's Hip Punk Hop


Support - local th •••