21 / 09 / 2018 Freitag // Konser
Blurt (Live) // DJs: Saulk Regurk - Tommi Tokyo - Low Bat

Freitag 21. September

arkaoda lädt ein,
in co-operation mit amSTARt & Palais Wittgenstein

Einlass: 20.00Uhr
Start: 21.00Uhr

Ted Milton. Steve Eagles. David Aylward

SYNCBOY (Mélodies Souterraines / •••

22 / 09 / 2018 Samstag
Tomorrow People with DJ Amir, Marian Tone & Markus Tone

A party formed by two incredibly passionate and talented djs, DJ Amir and Marian Tone combine together with Markus Tone in creating a place for all styles of organic and timeless music. From disco, boogie, house, latin or African, the vibes are always dance floor killers and forward thinking! Come l •••

30 / 09 / 2018 Sonntag // Konser
Noplace Trio: Aidan Baker/Thor Harris/Simon Goff w/ A-Sun Amissa

Noplace Trio (Aidan Baker/Thor Harris/Simon Goff) + A-Sun Amissa

The trio of Aidan Baker (CA - also of Nadja ) on guitar, Simon Goff (UK - also of Molecular) on violin, and Thor Harris (US - also of Thor & Friends, ex-Swans) on drums, formed semi-spontaneously in the spring of 2017 in •••

05 / 10 / 2018 Freitag // Konser
Chris Imler \"Maschinen und Tiere\" Record Release Party

5.Oktober 2018 // Einlass: 21.00Uhr - start: 22.00Uhr

Chris Imler "Maschinen und Tiere" Record Release Party

Chris Imler- (Staatsakt)
Novo Line - (Ecstatic Recordings) aka Nat Fowler

Patric Catani -DJ (Shitkatapult / Staat •••

10 / 10 / 2018 Mittwoch // Konser
Mary Ocher

doors: 20.00, support: 21.00, mary ocher: 22.00

presented by arkaoda and Palais Wittgenstein
supported by Musicboard Berlin

Mary Ocher is back in Europe having toured 23 countries with "The West Against The People" and its companion release "Faust Studio Sessions •••

17 / 10 / 2018 Mittwoch // Konser
The EX (Netherlands) + Moon Relay

Doors: 20.00, Show: 21.00
Presented by Arkaoda and Palais Wittgenstein
Supported by Musicboard Berlin

The Ex are an underground band from the Netherlands that formed in 1979 at the height of the original punk explosion. Initially known as an anarcho-punk ba •••

07 / 12 / 2018 Freitag // Konser
Barbara Morgenstern (Club Rec Rel Party), DJ Maurice Summen

Einlass: 20.00, Beginn: 21.00
Präsentiert von Arkaoda und Palais Wittgenstein
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Musicboard Berlin

Club Record Release Show zum aktuellen Album auf Staatsakt von Barbara Morgenstern.

Erste Single/ Video:
www  •••