29 / 01 / 2020 Mittwoch
Open Polymeter Workshop by Chris Korda

--> Polymeter Workshop by Chris Korda

30 / 01 / 2020 Donnerstag // Konser
arkaoda pres. Bobby Would live and Gajek live

Bobby Would

is the project of Heavy Metal/Muscle Barbie’s Robert P, under this aka he manages to translate the ramshackle charm of his other groups into a more pop-oriented sound and dub-pocked, acid-damaged, pain’-it-dark drone-punk vibe.
There are some echoes too of bann •••

31 / 01 / 2020 Freitag // Konser
Tehran Contemporary Sounds X Vorspiel / Transmediale & CTM

After a 3 days weekender Tehran Contemporary Sounds Festival, we're super excited to celebrate the release of our first Various Artist short LP, TCS-001, and the launch of the TCS label, at Arkaoda Berlin on 31st of January 2020 as part of the Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM. Joining us for this event •••

01 / 02 / 2020 Samstag
Australian Bushfire Fundraiser w/ DJ Plead, Kate Miller, Tred...

Please join us to dance and donate at arkaoda Berlin next Saturday the 1st from 23:00 — 6:00 where we’ll be raising funds to combat the disastrous bushfires that continue to ravage Australia.

DJ Plead
Kate Miller
Dual Sim

C •••

08 / 02 / 2020 Samstag // Konser
Phase Group: o o o o o

Phase Group Label Night in Arkaoda Berlin to celebrate the release of Andria's o o o o o EP

Line up:

Andria (Phase Group/YES Belgrade)
Kulku (live)
Low Bat (Arkaoda/Knekelhuis)
Lo Kindre

08.02.20 // 10p •••