11 / 06 / 2022 Samstag // Konser
Knekelhuis x arkaoda w/ Troth live, Mark Knekelhuis, SSIEGE

Knekelhuis is motivated by conflict and surprise. The Amsterdam-based independent record
label releases music that demands your attention. It’s music that’s as alien as it is familiar, as
bodily as it is soulful, as bizarre as it is beautiful.

Newcastle, Australian duo Troth channel their ambient experiments into an environ located somewhere closer to minimal-wave and synth-pop.
It continues the respectful treatment of natural themes found in their previous releases, further tying in elements of balance, truth, justice, humility, strains of mysticism from varied origins and an opposition to the encroachment of ill-advised development surrounding them in Newcastle.
SSIEGE have struck our non-linear world again with Meteora, the follow-up to the breathtaking 2019 cassette release Fading Summer, on Youth. Its elusiveness might be its biggest strength. Indicating a genre is a lost cause. Any description locating it safely inside well-defined boundaries falls flat. Neither analogue or digital, neither old or contemporary, these 5 tracks evoke an androgynous world that is at once open and veiled. A place where presence and absence and weightlessness and gravity are simultaneous. Bathing in colorful light, this record is like a slightly melancholic dream able to usher in a new day or soundtrack the last rays of sunlight.

Mark Knekelhuis:
Whether he be busy blurring the lines of dance music as we know it via his genre-busting label, Knekelhuis, hosting radio shows at Red Light Radio and Intergalactic FM, or fronting hybrid analogue-punk act Volition Immanent alongside longtime partner-in-crime Parrish Smith, Mark Knekelhuis is a man much rather attracted by the weird and the unknown than the stale comfort offered by formulaic recipes and self-imposed censorship.
Through intricately knit constructions that span the vastest musical spectrum - ranging from quirky techno to synth-pop, through electronics, wave and ambient, Mark engages his audience into an equally intimate and physical conversation in music, interrogating without answering, opening up without ever confining his sets within dogmatic aesthetic borders.