30 / 03 / 2023 Donnerstag // Konser
Telescope / Microscope: Alienationist - Sascha Brosamer - Graham Dunning

(Live Concert)
3 artists with a unique sonic vision.

Sound artist and researcher Sascha Brosamer and NTS host and artist Graham Dunning present Telescope / Microscope, two extended pieces exploring histories of capturing sound and music, the noise/s of playback technologies, and the cultural resonances of recorded media.


Alienationist will present his current project "Don't Worry, You Can Always Be Reborn As a Screenshot" with which he explores alienation merging bass-driven club music, spoken word, queer theory and live improv. The recent album which was praised in Wire magazine is a sonic fiction about an anonymous You is stuck in a parallel world called „Zero One Galaxy“ (ZOG), a pre-recorded universe whose recording device is itself.


Dislocated, becoming-cosmic thorough manipulation of virtual reverberant spaces, via the no-place of the studio. Reflections across time - the sounds of birdsong played back from 100-year-old shellac disks overlaid with 1970s ornithological recordings from vinyl records. Electric guitar and synthesizer parts referencing popular music from UK, US and Germany through decades of recording.

Phonomanipulation using portable gramophone and DJ turntable. Foregrounding of interference, surface noise: an exploration of the grain of the machine. Shifting planes of intensity, blocks of time in dynamic non-equalibrium. Self-made field recordings intertwining with commercial and novelty recordings of nature and machines.