24 / 03 / 2023 Freitag
Wavering Forms w/ Lamusa II, Elen Huynh, T.V.S.T

Lamusa II
Elen Huynh
They wave again, these forms. Down there in the darkness of the Arkaoda basement, where all lights down low. For this month “Wavering Forms” episode, French sound scientist and Lyl Radio host Elen Huyhn comes by, brings her field recordings, and fuses them with music by herself and others in her very own “Choses Contraires” way. Italian electronic musician Lamusa II flies in from the gothic parts of Milan, performing his romantic waving synth-solution. And there is the shadowy T.V.S.T, translating his outlook on our times into stranger frequencies. If you can‘t take anymore, what you are taking, consider the night as a new medicine.