23 / 04 / 2023 Sonntag // Konser
Taner Akyol & Anil Eraslan Duo + Marcello Silvio Busato

Doors: 20:00
Marcello Silvio Busato: 21:00
Taner Akyol & Anil Eraslan: 22:00

Taner Akyol and Anil Eraslan met in Berlin in 2012. Since then, as a duo, they have been playing a traditional repertoire from Anatolia and developing experimental and improvisational approaches to reinterpret this music from the perspective of their contemporary experiences.

Taner Akyol
Born in Bursa, Turkey the composer was trained as a violinist in his hometown and went to Berlin in 1996 where he studied with Helmut Zapf, Hanspeter Kyburz and Walter Zimmermann. As a bağlama soloist and composer, Taner Akyol has received multiple prizes. In his works, he often achieves an energetic synthesis between advanced Western and traditional Turkish music that goes beyond superficial allure. He co-founded the intercultural ensemble Cornocopia and, since 2004, directs the international music school ta Musikatelier in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. At the end of 2012, Taner Akyol’s children’s opera “Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves” premiered to critical acclaim at the Komische Oper Berlin.

Anil Eraslan
Cellist, composer and improviser Anil Eraslan is working in various musical projects in between Berlin, Paris,
Strasbourg and Istanbul. From Anatolian traditional music to experimental/noise/free music,
he multiplies his experiences with ensembles such as Klub Demboh, Trickster Orchestra, Eponj, Racines,
'H', Sousta Politiki and many creative musicians from all over the world.
As a filmmaker, he's currently working on his first feature documentary film about the free improvisation scene in Istanbul.

Marcello Silvio Busato
Drummer / Percussionist, composer and performer. Since 2002 he lives in Berlin, where he starts collaborations with many musicians exploring different musical styles but focusing especially on experimental music, free jazz, noise and radical improvisation.
Versatile drummer, he uses many objects and selected percussions to create a very personal sound.
Member of the quartet Sink with Andrea Ermke, Arthur Rother and Chris Abrahams, the trio Votomt with Ignaz Schick and Louis Rastig, the duo XING/Busato with Wojtek Bajda he also performed with Tobias Delius,Els Vandeweyer, Christian Meaas Svendsen among many others.
He composed and performed music for the radio, cinema, theater and dance.