08 / 06 / 2023 Donnerstag
BIV presents “BALA” the new EP by Carolco (Live) / Galera (Live) / Nugget

Banned In Vegas presents “BALA” the new EP by Carolco

Carolco (Live)

Galera (Live)


As the city awakens from its post-Covid lethargy, Berlin-based musicians Al Pagoda and Airaboi head into the studio. They are intent on producing a series of tracks governed by spontaneity: "Each session was limited to the number of tracks available on the mixing console," Pagoda explains. "We would mostly record first takes, with very minimal post-production. We wanted to capture the energy of the moment."
There is a sense of plenitude in Satin Sun—the opening track in Bala—, capturing the spirit of a time full of promise. “For the first time in a while,” Airaboi recalls, “life in the city was exciting.” But this wouldn’t last. “Things got weird. Quickly,” he recalls. “Some people were filling the dance floors, others were fleeing from war, friends and loved ones amongst them.”

The album, recorded in chronological order, registers this sudden turn. Calipso, featuring artist Low Bat, paints a picture of the inconceivable, with its synthetic undertones and haunting vocals.

This contrast runs deep throughout the entirety of the album. Bala is the encapsulation of this particular time.