15 / 07 / 2023 Samstag // Konser
Codex Club: ugne&maria, Felicity Mangan + Justin, Diane Barbé + Selu Herraiz + Niko De Paula Lefort

Last Codex Club night before a summer break // Tickets 10€ at the door //

Saturday 15th of July at Arkaoda (basement + upstairs)

ugne&maria (live)
ugne&maria is the electroacoustic music duo project of Ugnė Vyliaudaitė and Marija Rasa Kudabaitė, both based in Brussels. Their musical output began in 2016 with a live debut in Brussels and continued with various experimentations using violin, synthesizers, sampling techniques, and voice. Their music is made from a mosaic of samples and carefully triggered field recordings. Intricate and calming but far from ambient, in that where ambient music recedes ugne&maria’s music sounds always close to the skin. The duo's music has been released on Futura Resistenza, Interior Insula, Gems Under The Horizon, and Rocket Recordings labels.

Felicity Manga + Justin (live)
Felicity Mangan is an Australian artist and composer based in Berlin, Germany since 2008. In different situations such as solo performance, collaborative projects with other musicians. Felicity explores the biorhythms and timbres of her found and self-recorded animal voices to create minimal quasi-bioacoustic Music. Felicity has released a solo publication on Longform Editions titled Stereo’frog’ic, a play on the word stereophonic – presenting a sound piece, crafted from found recordings of frogs, insects and other ‘vocal’ animals wavering about in a stereo field. A tape release titled Creepy Crawly on slovakian label Mappa Editions and Bell Metal Reeds (One Instrument). More recently Wet on Wet (Warm Winters Ltd.) and Train Tracks Recorded and Editing by Felicity Mangan (Possible Motive). Felicity has presented projects in many different settings from galleries, parks, clubs and online formats Technosphärenklänge CTM/HKW, Sonic Act Academy and Riversssound.org.

Justin aka Jojo aka 1/2 of initplay is an artist oscillating between rhein/ruhr and berlin. Justin's approach to sound revolves around narratives and themes, making use of spectral and textural composition techniques and focusing on spatial listening experiences. In Justin’s sets, disjointed melodies and abstracted production tools find their way into layered environments traversed by broken rhythmic realms.

Diane Barbe + Selu Herraiz + Niko de Paula Lefort (live)
These three creatures come together to weave improvised plots of experimental music, creating sound ecosystems and oneiric environments that can turn into noisy storms and then return to calm.
From primitive and raw sounds to psychedelic electronica, clearly permeated by rhythms and harmonies of traditional Mediterranean cultures related to their origins. They work with voices, DIY instruments, objects, field recordings, analog synthesizers, a prepared guitar and different wind instruments and bird calls that search for forms of interspecies resonance. Through these elements they generate lunatic androgyne music. Audio-puncture sessions to liberate emotions and proclaim universal love. A trip through sound to find the non-verbal state of mind.

tales and tears, e l e m e n t for the self conscious soul of the dancer.
Intuitive introspective initiating, stories from the past, muses melt, modes activated.
a space for exploration into consciousness.

ML is DJ, producer, radio broadcaster, and writer from Berlin. Since almost a decade he runs the 150 Session show at NTS Radio. For some times, he also releases music on labels like Kashual Plastik, Notte Brigante, Accidental Meetings or Termina. At times, he DJs too, playing all kinds of journey music for all sorts of curious tripping.

Aka Zouleyka (Leila Hassan)
A true story behind a woman who gave up western standards and lived in the late 80´s in Cairo under the name Suleika. I'm fascinated by this Person, who dives into a new approach and just the synth melody and sound in general is giving. A era who is still most in us, Aka Zouleyyka is a Atlas and map of unheard Egyptian disco tapes and where electronic pop, wave, dub, rock, groove, boogie, and all jazzy elements melt to a cube of fun and happiness, glamour clubbing smoke crocodile like miami vice.

Ingwa is always on the hunt for musical treasures. Likes the organic and mysterious sounds of jazz, kraut, world and beyond. Always a little trip and full of surprises .

Chago (Codex Club)