21 / 09 / 2023 Donnerstag // Konser
Environmental Studies Duo: Tonu Buck & Marina Cyrino

Environmental Studies Duo

Marina Cyrino - amplified piccolo & alto flute, installations, masks, sounds & musics
Tony Buck - drums, installations, masks, sounds & musics

A durational performance / performative installation of approximately 3 hours.

The Environmental Studies Duo project brings together Tony Buck and Marina Cyrino who both work at the intersection of composition and improvisation, using traditional instruments and DIY idiosyncratic devices. The duo is developing methods of collaboration at the intersection of music performance, audio-video installation, instrument making, performance art, costume design, ritual and vernacular festivities.

Tickets 10€ (no reservations)
Doors 20:00 / Performance 20:00

Generously supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin.

Links: https://marinacyrino.art.br/