24 / 09 / 2023 Sonntag // Konser
Kinship Presents: ANÆSTHESIAN SUN #9

Dive into the abyss with ANÆSTHESIAN SUN #9, the daring experimental electronic music event series brought to you by Kinship, a berlin based label that thrives on bringing together a remarkable palette of artists orbiting the empathic circle.

Señor Service (live)
Señor Service is the solo project of Umberto Pasinetti, formerly 1/2 of New-Weirdo-Vibes label Pampsychia. Born in 2019 as tender and humoristic music project, made by cheeky plunderphonics and dreamy FM synths. SS is 100% certified as always satisfactory.


Dilian (live)
Dilian is a BG made, Mexico raised, NYC based producer. Combining self made warps of sound design and noise with twirling melodics Dilian creates chaotic tempo chopped motives that result in illogical sequences of wacky soundscapes. Dilian co-operates the IW collective, curating releases and helping organize events throughout the NYC area and beyond and has released music on Artetetra, Noumenal Loom, formforum, krut, IW, Søvn, Kapha Selections.


Daisy Ray (live)
Daisy Ray is the performa-sonic expression of a dance between a melancholic heart and a mind wired to solar energy. Daisy’s interaction with sound is characterised by an intuitive bricolage-like playfulness. Her songs and compositions are inspired by feelings and textures coming to her from all kinds of places, the poetics of the everyday, dreams, lullabies, flora and fauna, love letters, and invented cinematic characters. In Daisy’s sonic universe her love for dancing and energetic clubbing interacts with her interests for storytelling and wondering soundscapes. “Birds in your yard, birds are smart.”


Dj Sloush + Zarrt (dj)
The berlin based artist duo is working under different alias
solo, in duos or collectives since 2011.
They are sound artists, DJs, part of Cashmere Radio
(Berlin) and IW collective (NY), curators, event organizers,
performers and multimedia artists.

Dj Sloush aka Spitz + Zarrt aka Fellmaus will make you happy.
There's gonna be these sounds coming from
the speakers, new otherworldly ones mixed with seemingly
familiar yet undiscovered natural feeling waves of moods,
or maybe hot and twirling rapid fire bass jumping trippin
balls ones. Either way they'll provide you with a guaranteed enjoyment of the infinite kind.


living receiver (dj)
living receiver is continuous collaborative labour and musical exchange between internet friends ceny4 (moscow/tbilisi) and hilde wollenstein/free version (berlin/den haag). they play music made by themselves for themselves, and music made by their friends for their friendships. to be aware of people separated by war and borders, lack of money… so to be dancing in the fourth dimension (the worldwideweb, or heaven, or hell)! they wish to have the ability to move freely and be easily moved. and to feel this desire with you.


Phantom Jelly (dj)
A paradoxical dance of frenetic Footwork and irresistibly catchy Powerpop melodies. Like a sci-fi experiment gone delightfully awry. Oh, and the name? It's a nod to Kobe "Jellybean" Bryant, because why not bring a basketball legend into a cosmic sonic circus? When you witness Phantom Jelly, you'll be transported to an intergalactic spectacle that challenges your perception of reality while keeping you grooving. If you crave a mind-bending, genre-defying journey into the cosmic and absurd, dive into the world of Phantom Jelly—a duo of sonic renegades who'll make you embrace the weird and dance into the unknown.

Lena Mega & LoA (dj)
Lena Mega and Loa are musical collaborators who explore a wide range of sounds and styles, from fast-paced rhythms to humorous and sensual tones, as well as otherworldly experiments and chopped beats. Their shared research interests include topics such as plants, mushrooms, gardens, playing with mud, and ecological explorations, which often find their way into their music. Based in and around Berlin, Lena Mega and Loa have created a unique sound that draws inspiration from their diverse interests and experiences. They are also part of the feminist radio collective Belladonna Nuit on Cashmere Radio. Their music can be found here.