23 / 11 / 2023 Donnerstag // Konser
Kashual Plastik: Omen + Jacob Stoy & Crude Fact + T.V.S.T.

New recordings. New horizons. New new.

In all the mess Kashual Plastik brings a bless: “Wild Sleep” – the latest album by Australian musician Omen.

She brings it live to the arkaoda stage, touching the mortal base in manifold ways – field recordings, pop miniatures, drone zones, Hauntology visions, drifting journey music, primitive folk, sound collages, and dragging industrial, mesmerized by Omen’s vocal self-reflections and fictions.

Heavy emotions, that Jacob Stoy will share too. He also will bring an album. “Overload”, out soon on Uncanny Valley. Another varicolored voyage. Equally field, similarly indie, drone collaged, yet so electronic, so enlightening. Two concerts, numerous ideas, various sensations.

Crude Fact, the DJ of the night, will operate in the murkiness of the music’s aftershock, scattering suspense music to dance, to enhance. Come down and zip new lifeblood.